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GPS / GSM Tracker


All in one tracking solution
GPS/SMS/GSM/DTMF/GPRS in Real-Time solutions

Introductions :

Hl-602 is an all in one tracking solution offering your GPS/SMS/GSM/DTMF/GPRS in Real Time solutions.

Haicom Hi-602 is most suitable for the tracking solution and can do the real time tracking and you see the object moving on the map live simultaneously. Hl-602 come with re-chargeable battery for the personal tracking purposes. Just put Hl-602 on pocket, the back pack, carton, motorbike, etc. or any moving object, user can check the object globally with different and flexible ways of tracking.

Along with it. under DTMF mode, there is free PC base Haicom Tracking software which takes few steps and you can see the moving object live on the map.

Haicom tracker is multi-functional GPS/SMS/GSM/GPRS tracker. User can switch the DTMF mode or GPRS mode from any phone with few phone digits pressed.

With DTMF tracking mode, Haicom trackers need only a normal SIM card (prepaid o postpaid) of any operator and is ready for use, there are NO other charges than the phone calls made from the tracker to your phones.

Hl-602 is very small in size and it can put in a waterproof case and bigger battery pack for different kind of tracking purposes. We can also do the customize modify to fit in your special applications.

Main unit overview :

  1. Power : On Off
  2. Geo Fencing
  3. GPS MMCX external antenna plug
  4. SOS
  5. Connector for data control and power in

Dimension :

LED indicator :

LED Color LED Status
Amber On
Off Charge Completed
Green flashing GPS in 3D fixed
Stay on GPS not 3D fixed yet
Off GPS in sleeping mode
Red On
Battery low
White 64 ms ONI3S OFF GSM stand-by
64 ms ON/O.8S OFF Searching GSM network or no SIM

Decoder overview :

LED Color Stay on Blinking
Amber GPS data valid (3D fixed) GPS data not valid
Red Decoding(4 seconds interval)
Green Receiving data

Standard packing :

  1. HI-602
  2. 18pin connector
  3. 1100 mAh Li-on rechargeable battery
  4. AC power adaptor with USB plug
  5. mini CD
  6. user manual