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Travel Logger Dongle with SD storage

Introductions :

HAICOM HI-SDL Data Logger Dongle with SD memory card storage is a GPS data logger with SD memory card storage. There are two connectors, PS/II male and PS/II female, from the HI-SDL main unit. Simply connect the GPS data source, PS/II GPS receiver and DC 5V power (please make sure the PS/II GPS receiver pin out correspondent to the PS/II male or female pin out table below) HI-SDL will keep recording the GPS data (the green LED will blinking) with 3-4 second interval as soon as it is powered and the GPS receiver in 3D fixed If the OPS receiver inside the building or unable to get 3D fixed, HI-SDL will stop recording and the red LED will stay on.

User can connect HI-SDL. with different kind of GPS receiver source, as long as there are correct GPS pu out and powered, HI-SDL can keep recording the feed in GPS data HI-SDL compatible with the SD memory card up to 2GB (with 2GB SD card, HI-SDL can keep stonng for more than 5 years 68KB for one hour continue logging) After the traveling, user simply take out the SD memory card from the HI-SDL and insert into the computer SD slot, transfer the file and the paths will shown on the Google Earth or Google Map HI-SDL is a very user-friendly, flexible and powerful data logging solution.

Applications :

  • Off-line vehicle tracking
  • Tracking employee, teens, spouse, fleet, etc.
  • Travel history of the taxi, bus, or other commercial vehicle, etc.
  • Sporting, traveling, recreation recording and tracing the journey
  • Navigation with laptop/PDAlSmartphone
  • Distance measurement
  • Petro consumption calculation

Hardware Overview :

How to use :

HAIC0M Hl-SDL provides very flexible connection to the GPS receiver data sources. Simple connect the PS/Il GPS receiver (either male PS/Il or female PS/Il as long as the pin out correspondent) and power source, the SD card inside HI-SDL will start to recording. HI-SDL is designed for vehicle uses.

The device can also be connected to the Hl-403BT Bluetooth box so that the user can treat the combination as a wired Bluetooth GPS receiver for in car navigation with the PDA or laptop. Since it is connected with permanent power source, user does not need to worry about the device battery life.

User can press the P01 (Point of Interest) button (the red LED will blinking for 2 seconds meaning it is saving the P01 point to the memory) wherever and the location will be marked and shown when user check the records.

Important :

When Hl-SDL green LED light blinking (on the logging status), please don't take out the SD card, don't press power off, and don't press the Reset button.

2.Connected to Haicom tracker :

By connecting to Haicom tracker. HI-SDL will keep logging the traveled routes as long as the tracker powered. The combination of Haicom tracker and HI-SDL can provide the all aspect real time and off line tracking.

  1. HI-602
  2. HI-6O1VT
  3. HI-603VT
  4. Car Kit Box

Software :

After the logging, simple take out the SD memory card and insert it into the SD slot on the laptop. By opening the inclusive HAICOM data logger play back software, user can play back the routes any point of time. By Connecting HI-403BT the GPS receirer and the HI-SDL, user can enjoy the car navigation.